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Seminars are organized for the interns in various regions of Germany. After arrival in a two-day introductory seminar they get information and materials for the internships . During this event they get to know their tutors who have been as interns in former times
The specialist seminar "Vocational Training, Organic Agriculture and Renewable Energy" is designed for 30 participants. It consists of lectures, workshops, excursions and presentations by the interns who report on their experiences in the farm companies (see example of a seminar program). Former interns support them as interpretors and help during the seminar. Discussions about the lectures, participation in the workshops and their own presentations are the basis for oral assessments. Shortly before the seminar ends, the seminar participants demonstrate their newly acquired knowledge in a written test.
The best interns will be invited to a two-day closing seminar in autumn. In a workshop, they draw a summary and evaluate their internships. Before they start their return journey they get qualifying testimonials in a cermonial closing event.