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Internships in Germany

LOGO organizes internships in organic farming. The internships usually last six months, but can be extended to twelve months. The internships for students are accompanied by introductory, specialist and final seminars.

The interns pay for travelling to Germany and back and for the visas. They receive a monthly income of at least € 400 for a working time of 40 hours a week. Overtime is balanced with free time. The farm companies provide accommodation and meals free of charge. LOGO, on the other hand, bears the costs for health, accident and liability insurance and for the seminars.

Depending on the subject and interest, the interns get to know different production processes, branches of business and marketing structures. The following goals are aimed at:

  • promotion of the skills important in professional life
  • providing agricultural expertise
  • promotion of entrepreneurship
  • promotion of young talents for international cooperation

A particular focus concerns organic farming and renewable energies.

The requirements for the applicants are:

  • German or English language skills
  • knowledge about Germany
  • agricultural study course
  • good or very good academic performance
  • good general knowledge

Desireable are:

  • practical experiences
  • driving licenses for cars / tractors